He said “our kid…”

he thought he was left out, but he wasn’t.

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They said we don’t work alone. But they’re forcing me to be alone.

We don’t work alone.

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"Everyone wants you, don’t they?"

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"Their faces, clothing and directions… were all opposite of mine. I’d never mixed with students or company employees. I wanted to be one of them so desperately that I couldn’t see the ugly truth. I was still going the different direction. I’m alone here too. Only I didn’t know that truth… when everyone else did".

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quite shocked to know that Cha Seung Won is not the biological father of his son and he has hid that truth from the public and the son himself for so many years. considering that he made that choice when he was really young and still kept it a secret til now when he is already in his forties, still staying with the same woman and trying best to take responsibility for the son, it’s shocking just because to me, such a man theoretically cannot exist, but he DOES exist and is incredibly good-looking/charismatic. how could that guy who was the real father not feel any tiny bit of shame and go so far as to sue him?

hats off to you Sir.

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