One year after Hae Soo’s departure.. (and nobody cared)

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-“Why do you keep smiling?”

-“Because i like you.”

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"Against Fairness" A Philosophical Exploration by Stephen Asma

A really intriguing video I got to see during a presentation in my Ethics class. I think the author delivered some viewpoints that I myself have wondered and contemplated on for some time.

It is human to prefer. Love is discriminatory.



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"I’ll be back again. You have to trust me. Kang Woo is a hallucination, but I’m real.

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Hae Soo. Let me out. Here I don’t feel like myself. … Trust me, and let me out. Being here, I feel so small. I don’t like this feeling. Let me out.

the last scene of Ep. 14 was heart- breaking when Jaeyeol begged Hae Soo to trust him and let him out cause he doesn’t feel like being himself anymore. their leads’ acting in the recent episode was amazing. it’s so natural you can really feel that they are in the characters’ shoes. they are really really in pain and sickness and they truly need help.

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